It all started when...we wanted to get up Our steep driveway and park in our garage.

We at Platinum VIP, decided that we wanted to create a “bag-less” air suspension system that allowed the ride height of a vehicle to be adjusted with a touch of a switch. Our air suspension is designed in a way so that you can drive on air.

There are other adjustable air suspension systems on the market, but they require bags to inflate and deflate to raise and lower ride height. These bags may pop or tear while you’re driving on the road and leave you immobilized.

Since our cup kits are custom made to fit your existing coilovers, you will not lose any performance or ride quality issues associated with other air suspension systems. Our Phantom Cups made out of US Grade 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum to ensure high strength and durability. Each system is custom fabricated, and manufactured in-house.

We also specifically designed our system to eliminate the need for manifolds, box switches, and needless wiring. The Phantom Suspension System is patented and backed by a life-time guarantee for all of the main components. Check out the video below to have a better understanding of how the cup kit works.

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2/4 – Phantom Suspension Cups
1 – Twin VIAIR 380C Air Compressors
1 – 3 Gallon Extruded Seamless Stainless Steel Air Tank
1 - In House Wireless Air Management System
2 - Accuair Air Management System*
2 – Manual Paddle Valve Switches*
All Necessary Lines and Fittings

*Denotes Optional Parts that can be used in substitution of Platinum's Air Management System